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What’s the Closest Thing to a Herpes Cure?


For first-time outbreaks, this antiviral drug could reduce succeeding occurrences, which could tone down any severe effect from the virus. Today, acyclovir is included in the roster of the “safest and most effective medicines,” indicated on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines. Through proper maintenance and therapy, Acyclovir might be the closest to the herpes cure by reducing the episodes and amount of blistering in patients.

Although living with HSV infection could be tolerable to some people, the mere diagnosis of this disease could cause shame or embarrassment. So coping with this virus should not take away someone’s ability to enjoy life.

Herpes Cure – Will it Ever Happen?


In medical parlance, oral herpes is known as the HSV-1 virus while the genital herpes is called the HSV-2. The reason for its rapid transmittal is due resourcefulness in infecting and evading the body’s immune system. Fortunately, a number of scientists believe that they have found the herpes cure. Recently, medical researchers have developed a vaccine against herpes.

Experts believe that the vaccine could remove this scourge from mankind. Doctors want to test its effectiveness first as human trials will only begin within the next two years. Fortunately, the disease is not that deadly despite its prevalence. Blisters inside the mouth can be painful but it will go away sooner or later.